Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Green Egg Bests Apple!

My first Eggtoberfest this weekend led me to a not so startling conclusion. The Big Green Egg Company just may have the world's most happy and satisfied customers of any company- period. Apple has been the pinnacle of rabid, enthusiastic customers and I've been an Apple customer, fan and enthusiast for over 20 years. But nothing compares to the pure joy and celebration that owners and fans of Big Green Eggs displayed this weekend. Every Egger I know is an evangelist, and this weekend's 12th annual 2 day event was a customer celebration like I have never seen before. The product is certainly outstanding, and now I've learned that the company is equally as impressive as its product. BGE reminded me again what a pleasure it is to work in this industry.

I want to thank Egghead Paul for his help and cooking with me this weekend and a special thanks to Jodi Burson of BGE for including me in their outstanding event! Egg over apple, I'll have to try that one!

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