Saturday, October 3, 2009

Competitive BBQ Teams WINNING with GrillGrate!

The secret is getting out! United Steaks of America BBQ Cookoff Team from Dallas has posted two recent wins using GrillGrates as part of their arsenal. Congrats Guys! They also were the first to purchase our new professional GrillGrates for the Weber Kettle. That was how I found out about their wins including a first in Steak and a 2nd and 4th in Tulsa last weekend.

Randy Twford- a veteran competitive BBQ is also using GrillGrates. He took 2nd in PORK at the Pork Expo using GrillGrates. Randy also uses GrillGrates for his steaks. Thanks for the pictures Randy and good luck at the Royal this weekend! I've got some GrillGrate SWAG coming your way Randy and thank you again for your testimonial last weekend- the background noise drowned us out, but I loved hearing about your success with GrillGrates!

A KCBS judge told me last week that he has suggested to a few of his favorite teams to use GrillGrates- not just for the fabulous searing but to achieve a juicier product as well. He only wanted to let his favorites in on the secret... well this is one secret I am anxious to get out!
GrillGrate, Eat Well! and WIN!

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