Monday, October 19, 2009

First Weekly Winner of Make Your Mark with GrillGrates Contest

I love to cook, and find it relaxing and fun. Sometimes my hobby gets away from me as I have 5 different grills and a pig cooker that I pull behind my pickup truck. I was watching a BBQ video and saw a link on YouTube where you are doing pizza on the grill. That sent me to your web site and I was very interested in your product for my 22” Weber charcoal grill. I figured this will fit my Weber and also park on my gas grill grate. I sent the web site to my wife, with the thought of getting them for Christmas. Well, she ordered them and I was there when they were delivered on Thursday so she said just go ahead, this Christmas gift is early. (Timing is everything!) My battle plan was to bake a stuffed chicken roaster in the oven on Sunday for dinner. Then I got the bright idea that I would test your “no flames” theory with a stuffed roaster. I figured if I had no flames with a greasy stuffed chicken, this Grill Grate would prevent flame up with whatever I put on my Weber. I fired up my Webber, and put my BBQGuru (draft control) on the grill, setting the temp at 350. I put two stuffed roasters on the grill and walked away. I checked it several times, and had no flames at all.
My roasters turned out great, and I have attached a few pictures. Just looking at the chickens, you would not know they were baked on the grill and not in the oven. The outside of the chickens were crispy, and the meat was juicy and tasted really great.
My wife and I are already referring Grill Grate to all of our friends, which already started Sunday evening!
Thank you!

Steve S.
Harrisburg, PA
Oct 13, 2009

PS- I love the fact that this GRATE Meal was not about sear marks at all!

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Fred said...

Great to see another serious BBQ'er in the Harrisburg, PA area. I have a PortableKitchen, a Kooken-Kettle, a LyfeTyme and a couple of other smokers. Can't do without my Digi-Que either. All units set to use it....